I’m going to break my own rule here of posting lesser known songs or artists. I saw this video and knew I had to post it.

Do you remember Minnie Ripperton? Growing up in Philly and playing in bands, I heard “Streetlife”. Minnie’s voice was unique and her high notes were unforgettable. Her range was a vocalists dream.

Watching this video tonight had the same effect on me all these years later.

Shanice does this song justice. With an incredible coloratura soprano voice, I would say more than justice. From her first note on I was hooked. Shanice clearly chooses to maintain a quality similar to that of Minnie Ripperton however she puts her own interpretation on the song that is phenomenal. Precise vocalization is a skill that not many singers possess but Shanice excels at the economy of notes and the precise pitches that characterize this song.

A Pittsburgh native, Shanice pours emotion, control, tenderness into every note. Her whistle range notes ring pure and full. I cannot imagine anyone else covering this song that matches Minnie Ripperton’s command of it. Clearly, Shanice’s five octave range means she can handle the highest notes of “Lovin’ You” with ease.