Arturo Puertas

Arturo Puertas: A bassist and composer

I came across this Argentinian Bassist and Composer, Arturo Puertasand immediately felt a connection with the song in the featured video,” No Soy Lo Que Crees”. There is a strong melody line that feels like a storyline. Arturo Puerta’s lexicon in the Jazz language is sophisticated and gritty at the same time.

I imagine a person driving in a car, cut away to shots of the person earlier that day at a stressful job and then cut back to the car driving shot along a fall road in upstate NY with the protagonist looking calm and satisfied with life.

So a tune with a strong narrative sense featuring musicians like Miguel Zenon and Arturo Puertas on bass, it’s a song that I’ll come back to like an enduring classic.

I feel like I need to write more on this later. So in the meantime, enjoy the video of the studio recording.