Brazilian Guitarist and Composer Gerson Fernándes

Julia’s Music Pick: Brazilian Guitarist and Composer Gerson Fernándes

I was unsure what to expect when I first saw the still image of a young guitarist recording in his bedroom. But you never so, so I clicked on play.

Glad I did.

Gerson Fernandes is that hidden gem. A diamond in the rough. A fantastically talented musician with in-the-pocket precise chords, arpeggios and runs backed by well recorded and edited rhythm tracks, his musical ideas are well executed and more importantly interesting. His use of layered textures through the use of a looping pedal is very effective yet it’s not overdone nor does it turn into a sonic muddy experience for the listener.

I liked what I heard and I subscribed to his channel. I look forward to hearing more from this gifted musician and composer.

Check out his song, New Time: Gerson Fernandes

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