The earth laughs in flowers!

[xyz-ihs snippet=”Mail-Chimp”]Has the earth made you smile today? Maybe even laugh? No? Maybe it’s time. Hurried and harried by our devices that are never far away, we are distracted and missing out on some of the most awe-inspiring moments around us. And I’m not talking about flash mobs or reality TV videotaping, I’m talking about the almost imperceptible moments of flowers laughing so brilliantly!

Some years ago, when we lived in Houston, we had a beautiful garden. Between fighting fire ants and attempting to cool off from the balmy hot weather, we would seek refuge by going around to the side of the house where we had a unique garden space. This is where we added outdoor touches to the hilarity of flowers that greeted us. Roelia grew from a small flower hedging to a plethora of enormously tall stalks of purpleness. An overgrown and tangled mess of pink teacup roses ended up crawling over an arbor that fits exactly in the space. And white jasmine vines with their delicate white flowers and intoxicating aroma scaling a trellis.

This was our relax and unwind space. No phones, televisions, devices, gadgets, or anything digital, mechanical or otherwise. Just pure earth grounded and organic space. Petals of purple and pink littered the patterned brick walkway to the tea garden area. A sanctuary of ivy and pink roses filled our hearts with pure peace. And the laughing. Oh, the laughing. Those pesky flowers, flush from the warm Houston rain, couldn’t contain their mirth. We were lucky. We got to see their humorous side. Now I need to go find some more laughter in my life. Point me to the nearest flower!

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