What’s Your Cause?

As someone who cares about nonprofits and the greater social good they provide communities, states, and nations, I invite you too to get involved with a cause in which you can lend your expertise, knowledge, and skills. We can all help one another move towards a more socially just and balanced pale blue dot in the universe.

Finding a cause to put volunteer or career energy and skills has been a project of mine lately. From disaster relief to crisis counseling, I’ve been re-applying my communications and technology skills to raising awareness about domestic violence with social media postings, writing executive summaries and nonprofit organizational structure documents to start a disaster relief nonprofit, and volunteering as a crisis text counselor with Crisis Text Line. I’ll include some of the artwork I’ve developed so far. Domestic Violence counselors are welcome to use them in your work with survivors.

A pregnant woman in Timor-Leste pensively looks outside her window. Recently, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) supplied equipment to Timor-Leste’s national hospital which will aid in improving child delivery and reducing maternal mortality.