Audio Technology

I’ve worked with Audio Technology as a Sound Recorder, Audio Mixer, Boom Operator, and Audio Editor. Applications include working on live television, field recording, music concerts, studio recording, and digital video and film productions.

Below are examples of software that I currently use and or have used in the past or similar ones that I’ve used. I’ll indicate what I’ve used with each product listing.

Audio DAW Software

Logic Pro X *Current

GarageBand *Current

Digital Performer *Past Audio CD Recording Technology for a large music group.




Finale *Current – See the audio player in the sidebar. The piece “Barranco” was notated and composed in Finale.

Mixing Boards

Yamaha 12 Channel Mixing Board *Past live music mixing and recording

Marantz 4 Channel Field Recorders *Past film and video live productions


Rode NT1 *Current

Blue Yeti *Current

Sennheiser ME66 Mini-Shotgun Mic *Current

Shure SM58 *Current

Lavalier mics *Past corporate communications, legal deposition, live television work

Various brands and models used including:


Sennheiser lavalier mics

Audio Interface

Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface for music and audio recording. *Current

Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface